PDX Instructors hired?


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On the ATP website they show a couple instructors that were hired from PDX (Portland). http://lasso.pilotjobs.com/InstructorStatus/
As far as I knew ATP doesn't fly out of Portland but Salem (SLE)... and it isn't a career pilot program. A couple questions, are these guys from Portland or Salem or where? Are instructors typically hired out of non-career pilot locations? I thought interviews were prioritized to the CP locations. I live in the area and I'm just looking for more info... thanks
What does the location being a career pilot program location have to do with instructors interviewing for Pt 121 jobs? Turnover is turnover.
The instructor started out as an instructor in Riverside, then moved to Salem to open the office there. He had instructed both career pilots and "short" programs (ATPs, Multi Commercials, etc.)

There is no priority given to career pilot/non-career pilot locations. As instructors start to meet minimums, our company works hard to get their stuff out to those that are hiring.
Would one have to do the Career Pilot Program and answer phones in Jackson before instructing in Salem? What are the requirements for instructing at a location such as Salem? thanks
As I understand it, yes. They're only hiring ACPP grads right now, all of whom first go to JAX to answer phones until there's an opening at whatever location. Holding out for a specific location like Salem means you'll answer phones longer than if you took the first available location.
I'm one of the new Salem instructors. I went through the career pilot program in Sacramento, then spent some time in Jax answering phones etc. Salem was my #1 choice so I held out for it and got it when the former instructor was hired. Any other questions about Salem?