PBS Chat from "SWAPA Strike Vote Closed Early"

And no offense, but the biggest offender of seniority abrogation -and something pilots at my shop apparently want - a base swap.

This is when two mutual pilots of same fleet/seat decide to mutually swap. Problem is, there could be a more junior vs senior base (eg, VX and the NYC base) where one would never be able to hold it normally, but due to a swap outside of a vacancy bid award, now trades with another pilot and wins this base. Say a senior guy commutes and doesn’t care if he’s SFO or LAX. And assume I get displaced to SFO in the upcoming displacement. What’s to stop me to make a deal with that guy and ask him if he’s cool leaving SFO and bid LAX, and once I get forced to SFO, then base swap with him afterwards and he gets his original SFO back and I get my original LAX back - a base I couldn’t hold after the Airbus LAX closure.

How does that make sense? That’s not seniority abrogation? Getting a base that otherwise you would never have held in a vacancy award process?
You literally replied to a post discussing compensation for trip trades with “I don’t see the problem”.


Well, I have seen pilots post their trip and a comment saying “please take this, I’ll give $500 cash!”

I have taken a deal like that before. It helped that guy out, and I got extra money. But…. he was junior to me.

I think there is a question of ethics if a super senior takes the “best” trips (what is that anyway, my version of best trip would vary from yours or others), and then auctions them to a high bidder. Not really cool, IMO, but hey - it’s a seniority system and we’re all stuck.