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I need a good, basic headset for taking passengers up in a 172. I have a DC headset for me, but would like to avoid spending $300 if I can. Can you recommend anything in the range of $225 or less? And has anyone ever bought a headset off Ebay?
Check out the lightspeed QFR Solo.

They are about $140 and are the best passive (non ANR headset) going in my opinion for the price. I bought for pax and they have been great.

I got my 2 sets of Telex 3100 there for $81 plus a few $$ in shipping. Great headset, folds down nice and compact. I use it every time I fly. Like new condition, and they run around $200 new. I had an old Telex 3000 for years, that was just funny looking because I had the cord slammed in a door one too many times, and it was starting to get cut up. So my repair job looked like a big blob of electrical tape. Still works great, just cord looks ugly.

You can always get a nice headset on ebay for under $100. If it is just for a passenger, and you like DC, go for the 10-30. Reliable, rugged, ok to wear for an hour or two until it starts to hurt, and cheap. If you like other stuff, search ebay by name. I'd suggest the following searches:

telex headset
dc headset
peltor headset

Most anything else is going to be too cheap for you to want it (cheap in build quality that is) or too expensive. You can also try searches for:

aviation headset
anr headset

or browse the aircraft parts area in ebay motors.

Also, add an "s" on to the end of your searches, so it reads headsets as ebay will not make a match if you don't include the s, if someone list it that way, and you may get a package deal for cheap.