Paul Oakenfold Fans


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If you're coming early and staying at the hotel under our rate code at the Palms, Paul Oakenfold "Perfecto On Tour" is in the house at Rain Nightclub on Saturday October 16th and entry is FREE for our guests!


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It's FREE if you're staying at the hotel! It's not free if you're not part of the group that is staying at the hotel.


It keeps getting better each year and it continues to get more difficult for me to make it down! :(


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I'm likely not coming in until the Sunday afternoon FedEx flight, so I'll probably miss it, unfortunately.


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:rawk: Man o Man I hope I can make it this year!!!!! I'm getting visuals Jason Bourne in a car chase right now. :D


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I listened to him growing up. Heck he was the reason that i am a huge trance fan. But now he just :rawk::sarcasm: