Passed 1st Class Medical / Color Vision OCVT/MFT Question


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A doctor once told me I was mild deuteranomolous...

The AME I went to had 2 titmus testers and ishihara cards... I passed the second titmus option (I passed the page with directional E's... Couldn't pass the numbered plates on the first titmus or the ishihara cards...)

Am I still allowed to take the OCVT/MFT to get the LOE even though I have an unrestricted medical now? My concern is what if the AME retires one day and I need to renew my cert and can't find anyone with the right color vision tests... I want this behind me so I don't have to worry about it every year...


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Re: Passed 1st Class Medical / Color Vision OCVT/MFT Questio

The way it was before they changed the rules was NO LOE unless you had a FAILED COLOR VISION in the record. I assume that is still the case.