Pass Rates?


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Anyone know if the FAA keeps track of a CFI's pass rate? To get a Gold Seal CFI you have to have an 80% pass rate (amongst other things) and I'm pretty sure thats not just the honor system, so should I be saving copies of my students' 8710 forms after a successful checkride? Or does it go on your record, since you have to put your CFI certificate number, etc. on the back of the 8710 anyways? Just curious...


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good question.. i have never had a CFI ask for a copy of my 'successful' 8710 so thats probably not the way it works.. I'm 1/1 so maybe i should quit while I am ahead


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You have to keep record of all of your students checkrides. Be it an 8710 or a log of the name and certificate number of the student and date. When you have this info and 80 percent pass rate, you MUST take this in person to the fsdo. They review it and issue a renewal at that time.