Part 141 vs. Part 61 training


Does It Really Matter....?
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From those working professionally in aviation, did you train 141 or 61? Just curious as to how different employers view the different methods. I know the end result is the same , but just wondering from those working in the field.
The type of school (141 v 61) and 50 and cents will buy you a Coke (in some parts of the country).

No one cares.

What they do care about is previous aviation employment and total time.
I would say once you get out of the instructing business and into airlines and such, that it probably doesn't mean squat. And it really doesn't mean that much while looking for CFI jobs either, except that some 141 schools want prospective employees to have 141 experience. I went to a 141 school, and am currently teaching a 141 syllabus under part 61. Like you said, the end result is the same, and the end result (plus the hours of course) is all most companies probably care about.
I happened to do 141, but it didn't really make any difference in my 3 civilian flying jobs.
I trained at the local small flight school using an unstructured part 61 format. I was highly motivated, so it worked for me. If you aren't highly motived, I can see how part 141, or at least a formal ground school can be
important. One the other hand, you won't get far in this business unless you are highly motivated.

Where you train isn't important. Ratings and hours, are.