Part 141 Self-examing authority?

Hi Aloft, how 'ya been? I'm considering Ari-Ben for my continued training(gotPPL) and was wondering what the 141 self-examining authority was. Just a brief description will be fine, save yourself the keystrokes.

I could take a wild stab at it but would rather know more precisely. Thanks.
Some Part 141 schools are granted authority to conduct their own checkrides for certain ratings, no DE or FSDO inspector required. Digging a little deeper in the forum here, it looks like Ari-Ben now has self-examining authority for the instrument rating. For all practical purposes, it just means one less checkride you have to pay some DE a wad of cash for.
I attend Ari-Ben. The Aviator is part 141 only for the instrument rating and the it does not have self-examining authority yet.
Do you know if the Aviator is working on the 141 self-examining authority?

So how long have you been there? Are you in the housing or your own apt? How do you like it there so far, any general negatives for you? I'm coming to check it out Nov. 5th,6th. and 7th, plus I'll be checking a school or two also besides, but also the housing and apt's as well. I'm aiming for a one bd. for myself as oppossed to roomates. How 's the traffic in the morning from the Vero houses to the school?

Any other viewpoints as a student would be appreciated. I've talked to Mike, been to the website and seen all the forum threads on it for awhile and for the most part it seems like a decent place to be for the $$.

Other than T-storms the wx sure beats the 9 months of Oregon RA and OVC.

Blue Skies...
Yes the Aviator is working on self examining for the 141 IFR course. When will it happen? If I could predict the future I'd be in vegas. The drive from Mike's mansions to the school is about 15mins, thats with heavy traffic(if you can even call it that).
Greetings Earthling! Thanks for the info Queboat. So are you a student or CFI? Mike said the town of Ft. Pierce was____... not that nice. Is that why the "mansions" are in Vero? Theyr'e about three years old, right?

15" drive sounds ok. Any other tidbits you want to throw my way, good or bad?
I attend Ari-Ben. The Aviator is part 141 only for the instrument rating and the it does not have self-examining authority yet.

[/ QUOTE ]

So the VA will only help out in theInstrument paet of the courses? They only help out in PART 141 portions of schools..and I was told that ARI-BEN that the only thing that the VA will not pay for was the I wrong or is the rest of it 141?
The web site says they have a instrument, commercial, multi course that VA pays for. When I spoke to Mike he broke it all down for me, but I don't remember the numbers anymore.
I am a CFI and the houses are only a year old. I used to live in them, I would still but I couldn't afford to after I started working at the school. Living in the houses during my training was great, you become totally emersied in flight training. it really speeds up the learning process.
Thanks Queboat. I appreciate the reply. You mean you moved out because of that high-pay income as a CFI?
And you wanted to keep it all for yourself? 'Yup, paying your dues. Then you can go "direct to the right seat" for the other high-paying job, huh?!

I understand after all your CFI ratings the Aviator will assign you two students to learn the force? Do you have a part time job as well?

I will most likely get my own one bd. apt instead of roomies, in spite of some of the advantages. Perhaps when I arrive for the tour Wed.Nov 5th, I might find someone with some free time to help show me around Vero to check out apts. I'll be in town for three days, then off to Daytona for the Wings&Waves Airshow. I'll be picking up a rental at MCO when I arrive Wed. morn.

Any more comments about the Aviator, good or bad? You can run, but you can't hide!
One more thing, is that a picture from outside the rental house? Love the palm tree. Can't wait, warm wx, warm water, sandy beaches with palms and oven roasting cockpits!
Oh God, can we arrange it so every single one is always driving behind me?
The old people, terrible drivers, and terrible traffic in that state were enough to outweigh anything good about it, in my opinion. Other than my friends who are still there, and my apartment on the beach, I don't miss Florida too much.
Hi ESF, where was that apt. on the beach and which one was it for how much?

Hope I don't go brain dead behind the wheel like some of those, bless their hearts, fossils. What scares me is old pilots. If they flew like they drove then they would stall out of the sky!

You went to FSA, didn't you? What would you have to say, in your oppinion, overall of Ari-Ben?
Yeah, I went to FSI. I did visit Ari-Ben while I was there because I was going to do my MEI through them. I didn't see anything wrong with them at all. Decent planes, and the instructor that I talked to was helpful.

PM me for details on the apartment, I will try to remember the owner's name.
No I dont have a second job, but i if i did i would be doing just fine. i figure i'll just put all my energy into instructing for a year or so.