Part 141 Instrument Training Requirements


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Just a quick question regarding the subject. What if any is the Cross Country PIC time required prior to taking your IR Checkride? I have my XC to do and then some final brush up before I can take my checkride. I have read/seen something about 50 hrs XC/PIC time required before taking the Checkride. Then again someone mentioned that because I am going 141, that there is no requirement for the XC/PIC time. And yes, I did search the forums before posting the question.
You would be better served to read it yourself out of the FAR/AIM than to take someone's word for it. I dont know about 141, because I think some of the hourly requirements are a little more relaxed than 61. I know for part 61, you need to have 50 hours. If you dont have a FAR/AIM, you really need to get one. Everything you need to know is in there. Not to mention if you are going for your commercial after this you will need to know a lot of the information out of it for that checkride as well.
50hrs XC/PIC and the 40hrs of Simulated/Actual Instrument Time are Part 61 requirements. 141, essentially, replaces that with dual. Under 61 only 15hrs of dual are required. Under 141 you'll notice most of all the time required for the IR is to be flown as Dual Instruction.

Grab a copy of the FARs and look up the requirements under 141.

There's a link to an online copy on the homepage (under pilot toolbox I believe) or you can go here:
Yes, I know I should read it myself, by therein lies the problem. I am at work and the 2004 FAR/AIM is at home. I was just sitting here when the thought reentered my mind.
Thanks for the link R2F. If I am reading the IR requiremetns correctly, there is no mention of a 50 XC PIC Time. Thanks again.
If I am reading the IR requiremetns correctly, there is no mention of a 50 XC PIC Time.

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Yes, you are reading the requirements correctly. The 50 XC are for Part 61.
yep you are right you dont need the 50 hours of X/C pic time for part 141. All you need is 35 hours of flight instruction and all of the syllabus flights(29 if your jepp) completed. When you do commercial you just need 120 hours of total syllabus time(70 dual, 50 solo) and you do your X/Cs there however they dont really have to add up to 50 hours. As long as you do all the lessons and your times add up to those totals your all set.