Part 135 flying


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I'm in school right now working towards an aviation degree. I've always wanted to be an airline pilot since I was a young kid, but now day after day I'm having doubts about it. The 135 flying seems to be taking over my mind lately though. I don't know much about 135, my dad works for the airlines so thats what I grew up around and know the most about. So to get to the point, are the requirements close to the same for 135 as 121? I hope to get a job out of school with >500hrs TT in a few years here, hoping the economy and industry will turn by then. What route do I need to look at if I want to get on a King Air or similar?


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In short, don't worry about it. The differences between 135 and 121, for the most part, are minor differences in PIC flight time requirements, duty rules etc.

Don't try to be smarter than this snowball of an industry. Trying to plan a path years down the road for specific type(s) of airplanes will only frustrate you and may lead you to the proverbial saying of "cutting off your nose despite your face". Don't paint yourself into a corner. Enjoy your training, network, be willing to sacrifice, move, etc to get your end goal.


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Enjoy your training, network, be willing to sacrifice, move, etc to get your end goal.
Have fun and meet people along the way! A lot of 91 and 135 jobs are rewarded based on who you know, or sometimes where you are at the right time.

One of the biggest differences you will find between 135 and 121 is the schedule. A lot of 135 jobs don't really have one! If you are willing to be flexible, the 135 world can be lots more fun than the 121 counterpart.


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I would agree with all that has been said so far. I got in via the back door by working line service at a company that also has a charter department. Networking is extremely important, a good attitude and of course, a little luck (being in the right place at the right time).
My schedule is very good. If I am not flying, I am at home (on call). I fly on average three times a week, almost all trips are out and back on the same day. Some days are long and some are short. Plenty of variety in where I fly to and 'mission' type (we fly business charter, Air Ambulance and Organ Procurement). Each has it's own quirks and considerations.

Personally, I am glad I don't fly for an airline in the present climate.