parallels to single runway at night


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with all this left turn/right turn lately here is one for you:

Parallel runways in class D airspace... we'll call them 36R and 36L. 36R has runway lights and 36L does not, so during night time it is down to single runway operations on 36R. After the tower closes the airspace becomes class E and you as a pilot use a common traffic advisory frequency for touch and go's, but do you make right or left hand traffic? You are using the right runway so you can argue right turns, but at the same time it's single runway ops now so left turns would be standard. Which do you do and why?


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do what the afd says since i have flown into an airport :cough:kryn:cough: at night and there have been people known to do touch and goes on a certain parallel with no lights.


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No doubter. Whatever is published. The tower I work at is kind of like this, due to terrain...both runways have the same pattern so that's what you do.