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i'm almost done working with my recruiter on my hiring package to send off to the reserve units for a UPT slot, and i was wondering if that same stack of test scores, physical results, and paperwork could be sent to Guard units as well as the reserve units, or would I have to fill out a whole other stack of forms?.....
Ok i guess no one knows, but heres another.....i called a unit today just to get some info, and they said that their upcoming boards in a few months were for ' this length of time to wait to go to training normal, or does it just depend on the current demand and change from unit to unit?.....

From what I've seen, the waiting times seem to vary depending if it's an ANG unit or AF Reserve unit. The ANG plans things about a year in advance, whereas the Reserve picks candidates and places them in training the same year they were selected.

I think when they say they're interviewing for '06 slots, they probably mean Fiscal Year 2006, if I'm not mistaken, a FY06 slot would be going to pilot training sometime between Oct. 2005 - Oct. 2006.
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I'm working on getting into the ANG but I really have not been able to hook up with a recruiter that was wanting to help me out. How did you get hooked up with yours?
I havent worked with an ANG recruiter. just an AF Reserve one....I worked with one at Grissom for a while and then when she took me as far as she could in the process then she handed me off to a guy at Scott AFB to finish up my package......I was just wondering if this package im completing at the moment is something i could send to Guard units as well....When i look at it i really dont care weather its a Guard slot or AF Reserve, i just want to fly the for your situation, if no one seems able to help you out just ask them to direct you to someone who knows about how to start someone off in getting a pilot slot....or just keep calling around to different units until someone is willing to work with you.....good luck
A lot of the forms are the same, whether AD/Guard/Reserve, but the Reserves has a specific AFI to address what to include in your package, how it should look, etc. I don't know if the Guard has one blanket AFI, but I don't *believe* so. Each unit is state-owned, so each unit is usually different. The Guard unit across the runway from us has an additional "application" that they request, as well as a specific format for a resume. The Reserves don't require either. So basically, call around to the different Guard units you are interested in - if recruiting won't help you, try talking to Career Enhancement (ask the base operator). Check out under the "help wanted" page and you might also get the name/number of someone specific to call for aviation jobs. Go to the Guard web page at and you can find links for different units. No one is going to do the job for you, but hopefully you will be able to find people who can help you out, but you do have to do some legwork first.
From what I have seen some units are hiring for well into the future and keeping a list and some interview for the next AFRC board. I interviewed in july went to the september board and in october recieved a tentative class date for april.