Panama City - Apartments


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So how uncomfortable do they make the housing at Panama City? Am I crammed in a one bedroom and a bunk with someone?? Any pictures of the place would be great... I will be going in Feb if there is some bank out there crazy enough to approve my financial aid.
The apartments at all the locations are just about the same: 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms with 2 twin beds in each room. Most apartments have 2 bathrooms. The apartments are furnished (beds, dressers, couches, tv, washer/dryer, table and chairs, etc.), but you may have to share a dresser (which means you have 2 or 3 drawers). Each apartment has at least 1 couch (most have 2, but some only 1) and a tv. The tv is typically 27" old school tube type, but most locations do not have cable/internet. I think all the apartments have dvd players. The quality of the beds can vary greatly. I have seen some with brand new mattresses and others have mattresses that homeless shelters wouldn't even want. Also, every bed is supposed to have a mattress cover on it. This policy came about after one person pissed the bed...twice.

The apartments in PC are at Eagles Landing. You can do a google search for more info. Just remember that whatever pictures are online are of model units and not the actual apartment you will be in.

Oh yeah, ATP tries to fill all the beds in each apartment. That means that if you are in a 3 BR apartment, you will most likely have 6 people in the apartment...not much room in a standard size fridge for food/beer for 6 people. And 4 guys sharing a bathroom can get pretty gross in a hurry.
Wow. That's got more vacuum SUCK than a Dyson! Sounds like 3 months to lose all my bad habits!!! Haaa. :laff:
It REALLY sucks when your roommate snores. If you encounter that, save up some money and grab a hotel room the night before a checkride.
I really lucked out going through the program. I had to share a room with a guy for the first three weeks but then the guy who had the single bed room left and I took his room. We also had a female in the apartment who had her own room (and bathroom).

I ended up sharing a hotel room with my flight partner when we were flying XCs (they never put us in apartments for some reason) and at CFI school. Otherwise I was on my own.

In the year+ I instructed I had to share a room with another CFI for about a week and then got my own room. For the last three months I had my own room and attached bathroom. Every once in a while they'd throw a student or two on the XCs at us but we normally had an extra bed or two in one of the Student apartments and didn't have to put them in the instructor apartment.

I've heard stuff has changed a bit since then.