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It seems like all the disgruntled students come from Pan Am's AZ campus. Is this indiciative of their FL campus as well?
Not as many users from the FLA. campus on this site. I have been to both locations and I assure you it's the same company with the same policies.

I attended PAIFA's PHX campus for a short time and really have nothing against the school, other than some minor annoyances you might encounter anywhere. The appeal of "airline style rigidity" will wear off after a while, and you'll be stuck wearing a silly uniform and paying more for your training than anyone in the history of civilian aviation.

Keep that in mind and have fun flying..
I am leaning towards ATP for my multi and subsequent CFI (all flavors). It seems like the people from this site are very impressed with the program there. Although there are a few complaints, nothing on the level of Pan Am and FlightSafety. That speaks volumes to me.
ATP is a great place to get your ratings quickly while building multi engine time. However, I would suggest finding a school that is willing to hire you as a CFI and get your ratings there. That way you'll get comfotable with their airplanes, and have a job when you finish!! ATP has a 4 day multi engine add-on course that's a quick way to get your Commercial Multi, but look elsewhere for a instructor course. CFI is a tough rating, and shouldn't be rushed.
I already have a school that is in need of flight instructors, so finding a job isn't hard. I'm also friends with the owner, chief flight instructor, and other instructors/employees there.

I just want to get the ratings in the shortest amount of time possible. Right now I'm averaging about a year between ratings. I would like to cut that down.

Oh... another thing just came to mind. When I graduate from Purdue, I'll be coming back to BOS. The one flight school that I really like and the one where I'm "part of the family" only has 2 172s (some jerk crashed the 3rd into the trees). That would make it impossible to get a multi-engine rating. There is another flight school on the airport, but I have had negative experiences with them so they have lost my service.

I never went to ATP but I have two close friends that did. One I started with at Pan Am and left during his instrument (he didn't like the school) and went to ATP. He is now flight instructing in Alaska while I am still not even close to done. Sounds pretty attractive to me!! The other, went to ATP right after he got his private at an FBO and succesfully completed the course in three months and instructs for them. I have never heard bad things about the school. I think the main difference between such flight schools as Pan Am and ATP is that at ATP all of the ground is up to you. Which is not unreasonable, as a matter of fact, I feel like I did that at Pan Am anyways. I just had more time. Of course, you'll probably learn more at a slower pace but if you want your ratings fast, ATP is the way to go. Like somebody else said on this website, "we all take the same checkrides."



You would recommend ATP over Pan Am?

I am getting a lot more recommendations on ATP over Pan Am or FlightSafety. That's telling me something and I am, probably, going to heed that call. I still plan on visiting Pan Am and FlightSafety though and see for myself which is better (Pan Am, FlightSafety, or ATP).

You are going back to Boston? Check out East Coast Aero Club at Hanscom Field ( They have very good instructors and a nice Seminole you can get your multi in. If all you need to finish is your multi commercial and instructor ratings, there would be absolutely no point in relocating to go to school. I am from Boston as well. Send me a private message if you want and I'll give you the scoop.

Take care
If you want the scoop on Pan Am in FPR FLA let me know. I've been there since last July and seen alot of changes. If you're at Purdue why not attend their flight school?
I would recommend any college with a strong aviation school as compared to a "pilot mill" like Pan Am or ATP.

Good luck!