Pan Am and Westwind

MD Monarch

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I'm curious to know if there is any contact between students/instructors at Pan Am and Westwind in Phoenix since these are two big aviation schools on the same airport. I know that Pam Am is stronger in many areas; however, I would like to know what the pilots at Pan Am (Phoenix) feel about their competition at the same airport.
I was a student at Pan Am and I'm renting from Westwind. There is really no communication at all between the schools. Each school looks down on the other though, kind of like a rivalry. Basically, Westwind is like an FBO gone crazy and Pan Am--well read some of the other threads here. Both places are very busy.
Can you talk more about what you know about westwind. I'm comparing both of the schools still and am wondering about any new info about them, good or bad, but honest please.

Does any one know if their bridge programs are working again at all?

Thanks, Tim
It's probably best not to get me started on any of the two schools. They are nothing but huge money making machines that rip off students. I've met people who've spent 15000 and 20000 dollars for a private license at westwind and pan am is no different. A couple of years ago, they were actually the same school and then Pan Am split off on its own.