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Howdy All!
I'm reposting this from another list so I can get a wide variety of answers.
I'm looking at various training programs including MAPD's PACE, and have a few (thousand) questions:
1. Is it possible to work while attending class? It seems that with a Tuesday/Thursday class schedule, the occasional Friday-Monday trip to the job is doable.
2. Besides the required ground school courses, are students expected to take any other college classes? Can a student take elective courses? (Always wanted a good physics course.)
3. Are there many students staying with roommates?
4. Do training operations continue through summer? Will spring PACE starts finish by the end of the summer?
5. When I called today, the gentleman answering reported on a student that just finished his Baron training with one flight, stage check, one flight, stage check, done. When these types go through, are they stuck with the Baron flight training until the next semester, or can they start on the B1900?
6. Are students allowed to flight instruct outside of Mesa's program?
7. Are students allowed to tutor in the program/Is there tutoring available? Can two+ students get together and take over a Frasca sim for a few sessions for research and S&Gs (fun)?
8. Why is the Frasca 242 used for multiengine training? Are the 142s without the multiengine throttle quadrant?
9. In the current environment, and once the rest of the fuloughees return to work, how long can a new pilot expect to sit reserve? What is the call out time to be at the airport ready to fly while on reserve?
10. In the interview process, are credit checks run? Or are those only for folks applying for "alternative loans"?
11. What generally causes PACE folks to wash out or quit? I am requesting specifics instead of generals (i.e. poor instrument skills? Ok, what? B.A.I., Simulatoritis, 100 knot mode versus 150 knot mode?)
12. What can pilots do to be prepared for the program in both ground and flight?
13. Is PACE offered at ASU or Midland College?
14. Just so there is not 13 questions, what is the cruise speed of the English Sparrow?

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I was just out in Farmington this month looking at the school. I was looking at the ab-initio program tho, not the PACE program. I'd be happy to answer any general questions that I can about the program overall. They gave a great presentation that covered a lot about the program.
How heavy was the marketing and how long was the line to use their aircraft?
I asked about the "lotto" system for scheduling and it seems very frustrating when trying to book a schedule. Did they give you any idea on how that system works?

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I just reread your post and realized that I can answer quite a few questions on there, duh, lol. Running out the door now but I'll give you all the answers that I can when I get back on Sun.