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I am fairly new here and have been following the discussion about ATP vs. PACE. Although riskier PACE seems to be a slightly better opportunity for me in my circumstance. I am about halfway through my instrument and will hopefully be finished with my commercial and MEL by July. The reason I am writing this is that I am a little concerned about the 50% washout rate? I would hate to drop 12k and get asked to leave for one reason or another. Do any current PACE students have any ideas/information regarding washout rates or the program in general? What could I do to be sure that I am propoerly prepared? Thanks.
Step, one BE CURRENT. Esp in Multi. That not only will help you with not washing out, it could save you $$$. I was thinking of doing the ATP deal, but no matter how far along you are, it's $35K. If you already have your CMEL, you could do the instructor deal for about $5K, but the career track would be $35K of multi time-building.
Is that true about a 50% washout rate? I hadn't heard that... I'm sure that is good advice about being current though. If I ever do the PACE program, it would be right after I got all my advanced ratings or right after I multi-instructed for a while. I definitely wouldn't enroll there after taking 6 months or so off from flying.

As far as being "asked to leave" I can't imagine it would be for any reason but having a really bad attitude or having bad performance in the cockpit or classroom. If you enroll having good pilot skills and you work hard when you're there, I can't imagine that there would be any problem. I'm sure they want you to do well and will try to help you out if you are having problems.
Friend of mine went to interview for PACE last April. He hadn't flown a multi in almost a year (he was from Airline Training Academy, so in addition to not being current, he was kinda leery on the whole big academy training thing), and he didn't do as much studying as he could for the written. Result: not accepted into the program. He did fine on the interview and pysche test, but he blew the flight profile and the instrument exam. My other friend that went with him got in fine.
They actually have two different options now, w/ MEL or w/out. I am considering getting my MEL there mainly because everything would be fresh and I would learn it their way. As far as the 50% washout I saw that somewhere in a post. The washout I believe was after they were accepted in the program.
Yeah, I noticed that you could go in with just your CSEL. I'm going to get my multi before I go, 1) b/c I probably won't need the single unless I instruct (so I may get it and my CFI ratings later) and 2) it HAS to be cheaper to do it in a Seminole than a Baron.
I couldn't imagine doing my CMEL in the baron, that would really expensive. Does it say anywhere on there how much it would be. I know the average to get the CMEL is about 20 hrs or so. I know you can get it in less but for most it is about 20 hrs to be proficient.
That's true the Baron should be quite a bit more expensive. I need to look through the packet they sent and see what the cost differences and the minimal times they list. I will let you know what I figure out.