PA28-236 Dakota


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I have a student that just purchased a Dakota, and I am going to start instructing him in it, however, I have zero experience in the dakota series. If anyone has any experience or time in Dakota's, could you please send me a PM. I'd be interested in talking a little about the airplane, techniques, what you find works best etc....




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A friend has one and while I have flown in it I dont know much about the bird. It is a great plane, but fast! I am hoping your student has some time under their belt.


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If you don't get anything more specific, a Dakota is to a Warrior/Cherokee/Archer as a Cessna 182 is to a 172.

It's still basically a HP version of a plain vanilla PA-28 and if you've flown the non-HP series and have also flown high performance aircraft, your transition should be simple.

Of course, for teaching, it's always nice to have a bit more information than just the basics, so I hope you find what you are looking for. You might start with and browse through the Piper stuff. You might not find the Dakota, but you might find some of its brothers and sisters - Cherokee 235, Pathfinder...


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I have quite a bit of time in the Dakota and I will say it is quite a bit differently than a PA28-161. PM me with your questions and I would be happy to help.


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I owned a 64 PA28-235, and have flown a few 236's. The 236 has a bit longer fuselage and a different wing. Keep an eye on forward CG, two big guys and full fuel and you'll be fighting the wheelbarrow landing. If you fill to the tabs you'll be fine. Aft CG?, everything but the kitchen sink!!:bandit:

You'll love the airplane, one of the best pipers made since the Cub