PA-28 Performance Chart????


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Can some one please explain why there are two cruise performance charts one best power and the other best economy. The obvious answer= one is used to conserve fuel (best economy) the other for more speed(best power). Now.... Looking at the Eng. Perf. chart i can determine that at 6000ft D.A., 65% pwr.= approx2450RPM. Looking at the Cruise perf. chart(best power) i can determine that @ 65% pwr=2450RPM i will go a bit over 120MPH. Now if i look at the cruise performance(best economy) @ 65%=2450RPM i will go about 112MPH. How can this be with the same RPM 65%2450RPM. Am i forgetting something? /ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif
Mixture. If you lean for best economy at that altitude, you will have a slower speed. If you lean for best power (peak RPM then forward), you will get a higher speed.

The RPM settings are the same, however how you lean the engine will determine the performance and speed.