P-51 Down Near Gulf of Mexico

Bummer. Isn't it Salvadorian Air Force though?

It was with the Salvadoran AF between 1968 and 1974.

More correctly, it is parts of the wrecks of three different Mustangs that served with the FAS during that time, and were rebuilt into one aircraft after they were all purchased by a buyer in the US.

Here's the ownership history (courtesy mustangsmustangs.com):

1974: N36FF, Jack Flaherty, wreck
1975: John Herlihy, Half Moon Bay CA
1975: N4151D, Gordon Plaskett, King City CA
1977: rebuilt using 44-74012, first flight Nov 22, "TF-660"
1981: Ben Bradley, Fort Lauderdale FL
1981: Basil Deuschle, Pompano Beach FL
1983: Don Whittington, Fort Lauderdale FL
1987: Robert Waltrip / Air SRV Inc / Lone Star Flight Museum, Houston TX
1988: Doug Arnold / Warbirds of Great Brittan, Biggin Hill UK - stayed in U.S.
1991: William Hane, flies as 44-84660, TF-660
2008: for sale
2009: Dec - N4151D sold to Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston TX
Restoration at Ezell Aviation
rep. to be painted as 359th FG "Galveston Gal"
2010: Mar 25 - Reg to Texas Aviation Hall of Fame
2011: Mar 7 - repainted and flown as "Galveston Gal". Work performed: full IRAN inspection, replacement of lower RH longeron, extended vertical stabilizer, main gear re-bushing, replacement of wing fuel cells and a very nice paint job. First flight by Tommy Gregory.
2013: Oct 23 - Galveston Texas: 44-73458 went down into Halls Lake near Chocolate Bay, both Pilot and Passenger did not survive. Condolences to the Lone Star Flight Museum, family and friends of the pilot and passenger.
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The ending of that article was definitely not needed.
Not to mention completely misplaced. Some writers will do anything to attempt to correlate one event with another. "A P-51 crashed into the Gulf today. If they were all grounded after the Reno accident, these people would be alive!"

Never mind that there are at least a dozen other warbirds models out there, many of which are far more plentiful than Mustangs.
In 2011, a highly-modified P-51 Mustang crashed into a group of spectators at the Reno Air Races in Nevada, killing the pilot and 10 others, and injuring more than 60 people.
This is not relevant and totally not needed.

Blue skies and tail winds.
Being from Houston, I've visited the Lone Star Flight Museum many a time, and have seen this airplane in person more times than I can remember....this is such a tragedy. :(

The ending of that article was definitely not needed.

Completely agree; it has absolutely no relevance to the article at hand.
First time being able to comment since the accident.

Keith Hibbett, the pilot, was my father in law.

My profile photo was taken when my wife and I took a flight in the B-25, which was probably one of his favorite aircraft (and a very proud moment for me). Keith loved to fly and was really the epitome of the title "aviator". He loved the aircraft, the history, and the people who made history. He attended the Doolittle Raiders reunion every year to honor their sacrifice. I remember him telling me once that flying warbirds was a chance for him to feel like one of the aviators before him who flew a mission in that airplane. Aviation to him wasn't just about the flying, it was about the history and experiences. He was also a Captain and Check Airman at FedEx and absolutely loved the opportunities the company provided.

Regarding the details of the accident...its all speculation to this date. Between the NTSB investigation and hopefully a video recorder which data may or may not be corrupted, as an aviator, I am as anxious as the rest of the family and other professionals to know what really happened yesterday. I do know that if there was anything he could have done to save his passengers life, he would have taken the appropriate action. He was the most competent and trained pilot for the situation.

If anyone here knew Keith, please feel free to PM me to get details of the funeral info. If you have any pictures or stories, I know we would love to see/hear them and possibly include them in the service.

Thank you everyone for your condolences, we really appreciate it.
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