Owning a plane for instruction and rentals..?


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As I get closer to getting done with the Instrument Rating, I am looking at the commercial and the CFI ticket. I have no desire to go on to the airlines, but would be interested in charter, corp jobs and instructing in the future.

Plane rentals and instructors are hard to come by around here. Either a 60 mile drive to KFAR for a 140 (130 if you're in the club!) bucks an hour 172. I currently drive 40 miles (each way) to rent a 172 which is in a very rough shape. Of late I've been plagued with engine troubles on the plane.

So, I am thinking of buying a Piper or Cessna of some kind to finish up my commercial and CFI in. Then start instructing in it.

Question for the folks who own and use their planes for instruction and rentals: What has your experience been doing this? Insurance? Maintenance?


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You can expect $1500-$2000 for a 100 hour provided there's no insane items. Hull & liability insurance on an older trainer for flight instruction runs about $3K.


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Multiple threads in this forum about the same topic, some from earlier this year. Have you read them?


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If you want a 100hr in my shop it will cost you $700 if I don't find anything wrong. If I do it will cost you parts plus $75 per hour in labor.

Sadly, that won't be your largest expense. Six years ago insurance on a piper I thought about doing this with would have cost me $5500 per year.


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The OPs profile indicates KDTL as an airport. A quick Google search shows a BUNCH of airports in that area, depending on how far you zoom in and out. <shrug>