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I am growing concerned about some of the airplanes I fly. For a while, I have been trying to figure this one out and can't seem to decifer the scenario. A few of the airplanes I fly only have availible a "Owners Manual." I can't seem to find an "apporved Flight Manual" for these airplanes anywhere. It's a 1972 Cessna 172. I have even looked on cessna's website, and all I can seem to come up with is an owners manual. What I am concerned about is an equipment list.

I have read 91.9, which refers me to 21.5.

§ 21.5 Airplane or Rotorcraft Flight Manual.

(a) With each airplane or rotorcraft that was not type certificated with an Airplane or Rotorcraft Flight Manual and that has had no flight time prior to March 1, 1979, the holder of a Type Certificate (including a Supplemental Type Certificate) or the licensee of a Type Certificate shall make available to the owner at the time of delivery of the aircraft a current approved Airplane or Rotorcraft Flight Manual.

Am I reading this correctly in saying that, prior to 1979, an approved flight manual was not required?
Am I reading this correctly in saying that, prior to 1979, an approved flight manual was not required?

Depends on the airplane. Many of the type certificates provide their own requirement for an AFM. For instance, from the TCDS of the C172:

Equipment: The basic required equipment as prescribed in the applicable airworthiness requirements (see
Certification Basis) must be installed in the aircraft for certification. This equipment must include
a current Airplane Flight Manual effective S/N 17271035 and on.
1. Model 172 through 172G: Stall warning indicator, Dwg. 0511062.
2. Model 172H and on: Stall warning indictor, Dwg. 0523112.
The equipment portion of Aircraft Specification 3A12, Revision 17, or Cessna Publication
TS1000-13 should be used for equipment references on all aircraft prior to the Model 172E.
Refer to applicable equipment list for the Model 172E and subsequent models.

So, based on serial number, the AFM may be required.