Outside Instructors at FSI


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I was wondering if end up getting my Instrument, Multi, Comm, and Comm-Multi from ATP(or any other school), how difficult would it be to get hired at Flightsafety? I was thinking of getting my CFI from Flighsafety. Would I be eligible for the ASA-intern deal and be able to get the free CFII and Mulit-CFI with 800 of instructing?
Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of instructors there who got there ratings elsewhere and just got the CFI from FLightsafety?
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If you want to teach at FSI, I'd highly recommend getting your ratings (or at least the commercial and CFI) from FSI, as they seem to be VERY particular about doing things the "FSI way." I honestly don't believe that the ATP program (nor many others) will prepare you adequately enough to be able to get a job here.

In any case, good luck! It's a great school.