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I have confirmed that I am going to attend Flight Safety next fall. I called Flight Safety for a couple questions that I had, and the man I was speaking to told me about an orientation the Friday before I start. It would be an inconvience for me to go down to Florida for that friday, I had originally planned to drive down friday evening and into saturday morning. Is the orientation really important to attend, or should I wait until the weekend and get a personal orientation?
The orientation is pretty important...there is a TON of paperwork that needs to be taken care of. You will meet with people from financial aid, the flight line to discuss your training, be fitted for uniforms, take a drug test, get you student ID's, get books etc....

You may be able to get them to waive it though if you call and explain...but I doubt it
On top of that, it will make your life a lot easier if you have a couple of days to get yourself moved in and get to know the area a bit before you get busy with class and flying. I really enjoyed my stay at Flight Safety, I am a little bit jealous of you. (Although now I fly six days a week - and get paid for it!) Best of luck!