Here is a youtube video a buddy made when we were up at O'Hare tower for a couple of hours. Figured a few might enjoy it. Mods- if you care to move this to the video section that is fine, I figured it would get more attention here.

I was getting a lesson at 6:20. I probably shouldn't have been talking to controllers while they were working but I couldn't help myself. By the way, they just remodeled the tower...placing ground control on an "upper" level which doesn't make local controllers too happy.
I thought I heard the smaller tower was used by the city of chicago. The new tower will just be for the new runway-primarily landings until the other runways are built.


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The smaller tower used to be the old O'Hare tower which when they build the new one they gave it to city opps. Eventually the new tower being build will be for the three 9's. The plans are to get rid of both 14R and 14L runways.


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I *heart* ORD ATC! :)

us - "uh...ground the alley was full so we made a loop and double-backed at alpha 14"

ORD ground - "congrats, SkyWest"

I haven't operated very much in the NE corridor, but as far as I am concerned these guys are some of the best in the country. They have a sense of humor and get the job done.

As long as you don't stop taxing and don't run into anybody ORD ground runs smoothly. Love the noobs that stop and aren't aware of the flow.