Want to Buy ...or trade...for Strongbags Summit Cooler bag


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Still working out the right system for me, and I think I want a StrongBags Summit.

Got one you want to sell? Interested in trading?

I've got an almost-brand-new Brightline with optional CS-1 and CS-3 modules - basically a B-7 Flight with some optional goodies if you are interested in trading - only moderate wear in one place but essentially new. I love the Brightline but it's not good for hauling food. Every other accessory on earth, yes, but not food.

But if you're not into a trade, I might be interested in buying your Summit outright. Strongbags appears to be out of stock on these right now and I can't find one elsewhere so here's a chance for you to part with yours for some cash!

I’m partial to the Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler.

It’s the mullet of cooler bags. Junk in the front, food in the rear. Party on the flight deck or something like that.

I can usually carry 3 days worth of food stuff (or a couple of giant iced tea bottles and microwave meals for an red eye/daysleep/return flight) and I have stuff in the top and front pocket for day to day stuff. It really works great and I’ve been a fan of the SB stuff for awhile.

Only downside is you become the dreaded 3 bagger.