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I was wondering what everyone thinks about the CFI program at ATP and if it is worth the time and money. One of the great things about this program seems to be the time it takes to complete. That is good for those of us with tight schedules. I was considering getting a CFI soon if it was reasonable, or maybe waiting about a year or so and getting out of school 1st. If anyone has been in or is currently taking any CFI/II/MEI program please post your experiences. If anyone has any additional information please post them as well.
I start a week from Monday I'll post a report when I'm finished.
I think the program is effective (it's the last two weeks of the ACP Program,and how I earned my CFI tickets) but is demanding-don't underestimate the amount of preparation that is required for this course.When I was in Jacksonville, I was a simulator instructor for MEI and CFII candidates and was suprised at how unprepared many students were. A lot of people think that the ATP CFI program is just a quickie, a glossing over of the training one might receive elsewhere. It is actually the opposite, you get as much ground and sim instruction as many 141 schools but in a compressed timeframe. As long as you have the preparation done (maneuvers, checklists, FOI stuff, Seminole data completely memorized) you should do well.
cav- that sounds great, looking forward to your posts.

pscraig-that sounds pretty good. I was considering going to the Jacksonville ATP center as well.
How about the likelihood of finding a job after? I know a lot of ATP guys go to work for ATP after but is it difficult to get a job with them or are there openings on a regular basis? Also, has anyone heard of them being given less consideration for jobs at an FBO because they trained at All ATP's? Not considering the obvious fact that an FBO is more interested in hiring CFI's that they trained but I heard from a guy that it's just impossible to become a good CFI when you get all ratings in such a short period of time and they may be more interested in hiring someone who took their time with the training.
...I heard from a guy that it's just impossible to become a good CFI when you get all ratings in such a short period of time...

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Tell that guy he's wrong!

The 15-day program is about 150 hours of dedicated study and learning. You work long days, and then study at night. This 150 hours is equivilent to three hours Every Saturday for a year.

I started my instrument training at an FBO, and then did the ATP Career Pilot Program. The last two weeks of the program I attended the Total Instructor Program. When I got back home, I was offered a position at my FBO flying the twin. The twin job was not offered to other three instructors at the FBO, even though they had more total hours than I had.

You need three things to be a good instructor.
1. You know knowledge and flight experience.
2. You need to communicate well.
3. You have to be passionate about teaching people.