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I want to attend the Comair Academy and get my BS degree from ERAU on their online program my 2nd year while I'm a flight instructor at the academy. I will have my instrument commercial mult-engine rating to transfer as credit. Does anyone know how long or how much online schooling I would have to complete? I was told about a year? That sound right? Well if anyone has taken the course or knows nething about it please respond. Thanks

You'll receive 18 credits as a minimum, 36 as a max for your ratings and av. experience. How long it'll take is totally up to you. How many credits do you already have?

You have to do at least 30 w/ERAU in order to get the sheepskin with their name on it.

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What diploma would you rather have - ERAU or Utah Valley State College. I've heard a little about each school's online degree program, but haven't really researched either as of yet. I'm not at that point yet. I plan on doing what Pilot Chad is doing once I'm a CFI. I would think ERAU would be a more respectable resume builder than Utah Valley State College. Chunk, how much do they charge for a credit for the online program at ERAU and how many credits do they require you take from them? I have 86 credits from other Universities and plan on getting 24-36 credits for flight training at ATP.
and plan on getting 24-36 credits for flight training at ATP.

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I dont know much about ATP, but if they're not an accredited school, then you may not get that many credits. All they'll give you is minimum credit for whatever certificates/ratings you have. For example, Riddle would give you more credit having gone through a school such as FSI that is accredited, than they would if you got your ratings at Joe's FBO (NOT saying there's anything wrong with that). Point is, check with BOTH sides to see what you're really going to get credit for. Side note- I took a few classes at a community college that said their stuff could transfer to Riddle (3 classes=9 cr. hrs.), but Riddle only gave me 3 cr. hrs. for the lot.