One step closer


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Well I am moving one step closer to a professional flying gig. I have taken the this forum and have my interview in Dallas on the 28th. Then the deposit and setting the class date...(give my notice to my current employer 8yrs of service, put the house on the market, Sell the motorcycle, Buy used car for cash..prepare to be poor.)
join the club. i have been preparing a budget for this summer.....needless to say, it doesnt all add up. i just know that someone once told me that if you follow what you love, then you will be successful. i am acting on faith and trusting that the money will be there when the bills come due.
Where did you tour? I'm going to take some tours next month at ATP-Stuart, Ari-Ben, and Comair. Just wondering if you have any comments.
Nice to meet you in DFW...I did my interview in HOU this morning.

I've decided to do the 10-month ACPP here in Houston and keep working while I finish my training. Hopefully I can get it all done without a loan. I'm going to start ASAP so I hope to be done before the beginning of Q4.

It was great meeting you too...I see you also made your decision. I was thinking you were working in the Baltimore area...I remember you flew in for the tour. I wish they offered the 90-day program in H-town...and it would even be better ATP still had the school at SAT, then I could have had the option for the 10-month program. Keep in touch.


I did my tour in Dallas- Arlington Muni. --- check out the post on Visit to DFW - for more info on the tour. One suggestion is prior to your tours, write down every and anything you can think to ask and take it with you. To make the tour sucessful you must be prepared.

Good luck!

Maybe we will cross airspaces somewhere in the country in 3Q, or if you wish, take on a few solar therms on approach at PHX in August. Good Luck!