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How does going to a local or state college for two years, then transferring to embry(or equivalent) for my final two years of college? Any input is welcome!
I have transferred once and it is pretty easy. Number one thing to remember is, get good grades at your first college and you will be accepted almost anywhere. If you look at a prospective college's website, just go to prospective students section, then to transfer students. It will tell you what you need to know there.

Another thing to consider, finish your general education requirements at the first school you attend. When you transfer to a different school, more than likely they will not make you take their gen-ed classes, even though they may have different requirements than your previous school. Hope this helps.
Question.....why do you want to transfer to a place like Embry? Is it because you think airlines will
value a degree from Embry more than from a state college?
get good grades at your first college and you will be accepted almost anywhere.

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That is not always the case, and it depends heavily on where you transfer to and where you are coming from. One school in particular that is difficult to transfer into is Rutgers U. I have heard multiple accounts from friends where only 1/3 of their total credits were accepted.

You should contact the school you are seeking to transfer into and request, in writting, for a list of courses to take at your first school. Not all schools will probably want to do this, but its worth a phone call or two to find out.

If you are planning on going to Riddle you may be in luck. I called and they sent me a list of transferable courses. The last idea is to go into a program with existing transfer agreements with your desired 4 year school. That makes everything crystal clear, as the school have already planned for students to transfer and agree to accept each others credits.

Hopefully that helps a bit.
I would transfer to a place like Embry because the last two years spent there, are the most "airline" learning. You can learn very much in the last two years about the industry. Or so I have read!
You can learn very much in the last two years about the industry. Or so I have read!

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I don't think it would be a stretch to say you could learn everything you want to know about "the industry" and then some right here on good ole' Jetcareers...
I have looked into transferring into 20 schools, everyone would except me with a transfer student with at least a 3.0 GPA. If you do well, they will except you, but you can and will run into trouble with all your credits transferring.
I did two years at a community college and did my training at the local flight school. Was able to transfer to Riddle after that and finish up only taking one flight course at Riddle (CFII). Doubt you can do it that way anymore as Riddle realized they can make more money off of you if they train you from day one. Riddle will say they want to train you from scratch to insure quality of training...they really just want your money. As I've mentioned before...a non aviation degree in something your interested in is best. If you can't come up with anything else...look into the flight program at Metro State University in Denver. Great town and they let you do your training at your choice of approved private flight schools....this keeps your flying costs down. I consider my degree from Riddle a big mistake but I've been where you are. It's hard to resist the fancy brochures and cool web sites. Only get a degree in aviation if you can't come up with something better and only go to Riddle if you have money to burn.