Old Flight Training Device, before Full Flight Simulators


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If anyone ever has any complaints about simulator training, take a look at this.


The famous "Blue Box" flight trainer was used to train over 500,000 airmen for instrument flying during World War II. Some 10,000 Blue Boxes were built and used by 35 countries. Note that the cockpit is completely enclosed. Since the trainee could not see anything outside, he had to rely on his instuments
Or more properly: The Link Trainer.

The Link company still builds simulators and is headuartered at Binghamton NY. BGM is appropriately enough known as Link Field.
Actually they had many nicknames during its time, another name was the "Blue Coffin", but yes, the correct name is the Link trainer. What is truly amazing is that some of the pilots that I spoke with that trained on it are over 6 feet tall!