Oklahoma FBO's


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Oklahoma FBO\'s

Anybody do any flight training at FBO's in OK? I was wondering if anybody knows where to rent high performance twins, or at least train in them for the multi. I know of one person that rents 310's out of TUL. Anybody else?
Re: Oklahoma FBO\'s

I really can't think of one. I did my multi training with the guy in the 310 out of TUL (I won't say his name on here), and all I can say is....it was awesome. Mr. 310 knows that airplane like the back of his hand, and I think after my short 13 hour stint in the 310 with him I have a better grip on that airplane than somebody who has 50 hours in it (assuming they didn't learn from him). The aircraft he uses is old....new paint, old everything else, but it is in VERY good condition. I would highly recommend him to you if you are looking for a high performance twin to train in.