OKC Week of Sept 22 Classes


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:hiya:Hey there guys, I was just wondering who the people were that are starting this week.

I am starting on Thurs the 25th. Terminal going to North Las Vegas Tower. Lvl 7 Facility. I am too excited. :nana2:

I will be arriving in OKC Tues the 23rd. Already have an apt set up and called about Electric today. I am only about 10 to 15 minutes away from the Academy and I just found out my rent for the entire 3 months is only $1,182.15. If anyone else is looking check out Lodge on the Lake apts. They have been super nice. I am not getting furnished as my parents live in Dallas and are bringing me a bed, TV, table and chairs. Upscale camping!!!! yea!!! If you want the number it's 866-683-8501. I have not seen them yet but I have family in the area that tell me it's not a bad area.

Well I can't wait...See ya'll soon!!!:D


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Lalexf, I will be starting the academy on Sept. 26th. I am terminal also, going to RVS in Tulsa, OK, a level 8 facility. Maybe we'll see each other in OKC. I already live close to OKC so I won't have to move for training. Will have to move when I get done with training though.