OKC Sept 8th Terminal Class - Looking for Roomate(S)


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I am attending the 8 Sept. class at OKC and looking so save a little money while down there. I am looking to possibly rent a two bedroom from one of the FAA approved housing sites or maybe rent a house from Craigslist with more people. I should be down there until around Dec. 5th.

I am a prior military 29 year old male, pretty laid back, but also looking to have some fun while down there. I have lived in a house with 5 roomates before and had multiple roomates while in the AF, so I am a pretty good roomate.

Others: Feel free to use this thread to look for roomates around the same timeframe.

Post a reply or send me a PM if interested.


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After doing some research I am planning on renting a 2/3 bedroom from the following places. If your class starts before or after my 8 Sept. class maybe we can share the extra cost.


Fairways at Moore- Free Golf, nice pool: http://www.apartmentfinder.com/Moore-Apartments/The-Fairways-Apartments
2 Bedroom - $60 a day ($30 each)

Corporate Housing Solutions: http://www.faarooms.com/index.html
2 Bedroom - $63 a day ($31.50 each)
3 Bedroom - $68 a day ($34 each)

Isola Bella: http://www.apartmentfinder.com/details.aspx?aptid=101803
2 Bedroom - $70 a day ($35.00 each)

If anyone has any input on these apartments please share.