OKC - Plane tried to land on NW Expressway?


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I was doing some errands this afternoon, turned onto NW Expressway at Rockwell (Just North of Wiley Post), and saw cop cars lined up like a chorus line. No details yet, but here's a picture I snapped driving by.

Looks like the guy tried to put 'er down in the Westbound lane.

*EDIT* link: http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=66622

just great, another awesome v-tail bonanza is going to get scrapped :( by the time i will be able to afford to buy one of my own, there wont be any left .
All the cop cars had their hoods up. Aside from the fact it beat 100 down here today, I'm not sure why.
Saw that on the news today. We drove by at about 9:30 tonight and it was gone. One of the passengers died.

They had 5 people onboard. 3 women and 2 men. Keep in mind that the V35 only has 4 seats...
When I went into the Sprint store right down the road, I asked the lady working the desk about it.

"Oh yeah, I heard they had nine people on it."

In my best auto-mechanic voice,

"Well theah's ya phrablem right thea."
cop cars sometimes idle for long periods for no good reasons... so they keep the hoods up so it will have less of a chance of over heating while it sits there...

flashing lights

Why is the hood up on the cop car? Trying to give the plane a boost?
Umm..... Maybe I'm misremembering, but I was thinking that the BE35 had a total of 6 places (Pilot, co-pilot, and four passengers)
The initial news report said "engine troubles" but who knows what that means, it could mean the plane was over weight
I was driving right by it when it fell. So said that he was like 1 mile short of the runway. Good thing he didn't slam into my appartment:)