Ohio weather...need I say more?


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Everything was going well on Friday morning as I was planning a 220 nm flight (the three-pointer,) I had check points, ETE's, ETA's, check point times, aircraft performance, weight/balance, weather and all flight plans filed. Area forecast and TAF was indicating only a slight chance of a thunderstorm later in the evening. As I walk out to the plane for a pre-flight, I hear thunder. Screwed again...re-scheduled for next thursday.
The weather here in MI has been equally bad but has worked out well for my instrument training.
It sure is. I figured everyone got tired of looking at my ugly mug. I love that jet. It is the essence of my ID (lilrkt - little rocket). Although I think that if I were to ever build one of MR Bede's planes it would have to be the BD-10. From stop to 10,000 ft AGL in 46 seconds. Now that is the way to go.
...I'm just wondering if all these unusual thunderstorm quantities and extreme amounts of rain will mean a very bad winter also...