Oh man, it's an irritation!!


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I'm sitting at work (line duty) at my uncontrolled field. Sundays are normally busy due to the onfield restaurant bringing in lunch-goers! Today, however, is extremely busy!:banghead: And wouldn't you know it. Every ******* pilot that is 10 miles out announces their position with the ending statement "any traffic please advise!" I'm a pilot and was taught to never use this phrase due to AIM 4-1-9 (g.1.) clearly stating not to. What are some other opinions on this issue??
If I am entering the pattern I like to know where people are, so I will make a statement like "Cherokee 34333 is 10 east setting up for a 45 left downwind runway xx" if there is some chatter but no resolve on people position I will ask if anyone is in the pattern.