Oh Andrew!


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No I am hoping to bunk up with Andrew one of the nights if you are not available to spoon...


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Oh lord. I wouldn't suggest characterizing it that way.
Lighten up. I don't feel any need to lie or hide anything. The BOD during the day is all about policy debate, elections, strategic planning, etc. At night, after the meeting is over, it's a big party. And there's nothing wrong with that.


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People don't like to hear about their dues dollars (potentially) used like that.

Perhaps it out of pocket to the "partier" but it's fodder for the anti-labor crowd.

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It is hardly a party, at least not the parties I am accustom to throwing or attending. Since this is not an election year for the top brass I do not think it will be as emotionally driven as it was two years ago.


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I was talking about that website that the one politician got busted "ordering" from! :) I don't know, I'm outside of my element.
I know. And I was referencing that in my single days, I used to see a lot of flight attendants online advertising for some overnight love.