Official FAA denials?


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My pilots been off the line since Feb 08 with Thyroid Cancer. He had a second round of treatment in April 09 and is riding out the waiting period until Feb 10 to do another test. He never got an official FAA Denial or even reported it to the FAA; submitting all of the necessary paperwork to the company LTD insurance was enough.

One of the insurance companies has now requested a copy of the official FAA Denial. It's for something we won't be eligible for for another year and we hope not to use at all. Is it true that getting the official denial will make it more difficult for him to get reinstated and back in the air when the time comes? Is there a benefit to getting it or not? Do we have to get it?

Thanks for your help!

Cancer is a disqualifying condition according to current FAA policy. Pilots diagnosed with cancer are obligated under FAR Part 61.53 to ground themselves.

Ask your AME to write a letter to the insurance company explaining this to them. It works most of the time.