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Onward Thru the Fog
Used to enjoy this website but they are going more and more pay to play. Now charging $15.00 per month to read most of the articles. I understanding capitalism and don't begrudge them for it. Just seems a bit much just to read about other's exploits.
I never knew about that site, thanks for pointing it out. Yeah, 15 bucks a month is pricey, but it might be worth it for some of us who want to make those exploits instead of just reading about them.
It was cool seeing the various things he found but not really worth any money to read them. There's plenty more exciting things on the internet for free. It doesn't offer any information that I could use to make money or the like either, so I just quit following.
Free t shirts in the mail!

(Wait, do I have any left?)

Late tiem I check your are webstore it was OTS UFN.

If I clicked "Add to cartte" on this page it would say "Wrong product id." Sir, I clearly selected the correct product identification and it is you're clerical sysstem that is is in error.

However, if I click on one of the links to my size (XL ... llllaaaadies). I'm able to add a shirt to the cartte and entrust you with twenty-one of my dollars.

(Nigeran spam isn't really from Nigeria)