Obtaining weather information downroute


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This is more towards international flights, but I would imagine that not all airlines have a flight ops department at the destination airport. So how or where do airline pilots obtain weather information or other flight ops services when they are downroute? Do their airlines contract with Flight Ops services at a destination airport? Or is there a fixed point in the airport all pilots go to get weather and flight planning info?
In the US/Canada/Mexico and the Caribbean - either NY or SFO ARINC.

For most other spots in the world Stockholm Radio has you coverd (HF)

There are other providers but cant think of them right now.

Forgot to add all US airlines - part 135/121 have flight ops folks.
Also alot of flights can get the info they need via acars

AT the last carrier, a Part 121 SUpplemental, we had a contract ground agent that handled most of our paperwork. We'd send all the necessary WX info to a SITA or fax or email and the agents would make sure hte crew gets it. Now in a scheduled carrier environment, we have a person at most stations that do that, but occasionally still work through handling agents in the event of offline charters or diversions.

Enroute, crews could use ACARs to pull up latest info (if the station was reporting) or we'd (Dispatch) call and get the latest form the tower or local met office and send them via ACARs or a radio provider if need be.