Obtain DX cert now or hold off for a while?


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Here's my situation:
  • ADX written expires in 6 months (passed April 2019)
  • Graduated this past spring with 2 B.S. degrees (aviation and IT)
  • Currently working an IT job
  • No plans to stay in the IT industry long term, only took this job because it was the only thing I could find after graduation
  • Originally planning on taking the dispatch course at Jeppesen this summer, but decided to hold off after COVID happened
My understanding is that the majority of companies scope out potential candidates at dispatch schools (where you have the best chance of getting hired), which was why I noped out of the Jeppesen course. It's pretty clear that if I obtain my DX cert right now, there is no chance I'd get hired anywhere. So my question is... should I go ahead and do the course anyway and job hunt on my own after the industry recovers? Or wait till it recovers to take advantage of networking opportunities at the school?


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As long as you can take some sort of leave of absence from your current job right now, I agree, go ahead and get your license now. I wouldn't quit a job in order to get it though...hiring is pretty limited right now. But (assuming that a temporary job leave it possible) once you have your license, you can apply for all the job openings you see while still working at your current employer - and an IT background won't hurt in helping your resume get "noticed" by hiring managers.


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Thanks for the replies. Oops, forgot about the most important part - yes, my current employer is fine with me taking an extended leave of 6-8 weeks, so I definitely won't be quitting to do this.


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I would say go for it as well. You are in a good position to be able to take leave from work and have solid employment to go back to and wait out the uncertainty over the next few years.. I was hired for my first DX job out of a school but of course there are a lot fewer regional airlines now, so there's probably no benefit in waiting. Some advice: Make friends with everyone in class. This is a small profession and you never know who you are going to meet again or who might be able to help you down the road. Once you have your ticket in hand, don't let your knowledge decay. You'll be tested at most interviews and staying current will help make a good impression.


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Forget Dispatch for now, for a couple of reasons. 1) the obvious one...no jobs; 2) You are brand new on the IT job. This is your chance to make an impression, learn everything you can, wow the boss, and start building a good reputation. What you do now will open doors for the future. Or close them as the case may be.

Bloom where you're planted. Spend the next 2 or 3 years focusing on IT. Come in early, stay late, volunteer for extra projects, be willing to do the jobs no one else wants, take continuing education.

This is your opportunity to establish a solid foundation and start building a good reputation. You won't get it again. Make the most of it.

You can still study Dispatch if you want. Get a copy of the practical test standards, go to the reference list, and start reading. A lot of those references are available online for free.