Observed by the Feds...

Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.
Generally the Feds watching the Feds watching the Feds means you're ok unless you really screw up. Doesn't make it any more fun.


It's 5 o'clock somewhere
Hell, I had a fed sit in on my last ride because he was bored and didn't want to go home to his wife (yes, these are his words).

Congrats, nonetheless.


I’ve done several of those over the years, they’re never fun, but they’re usually not as bad as I anticipated


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Well done! That's three too many feds for me.

I had a Fed on board for my single engine ATP check. The Fed was evaluating the instructor to approve him for ATP sign-offs. I got into a pretty heated “discussion” about flying from the right seat and what constitutes an “emergency”.
I passed but if I never fly with a Fed again, it will be too soon!


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I had a Fed sit with me while I was dispatching. After the usual formalities and checking my license. He asked, "How's it going?"
To which I replied, "Depends on your next question!"
He laughed, but my boss wasn't impressed with that answer.


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Never see FAA people, not that they regulate anything public use anyway. Which is fine.


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My formerly regional friends tell me it is pretty common. Will report back if that is true :)