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I know that FSI allows pilots to tag along for flights as part of observation training in the back seat with prior consent, but is this a prevalent practice. Careful with your answers, I might take you up on that and go up with you some time.
On another note, it sounds like pretty much everyone on this board wants to go the airline route, any corporate aspirants out there? The way the majors have been clobbered by the economy, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Well, I'll be driving down next week, should get in by Wednesday.
"it sounds like pretty much everyone on this board wants to go the airline route, any corporate aspirants out there?"

I think you are refering to gemini flights, where you get the opportunity to ride in the back seat and go on an orientation flight, can some current please confirm.?

And yes, I would love, to get the chance to fly at the right seat of a corparate jet, most of the current fractional ownership companies like NetJets and a few others, provide a great employment situation with a decent salary and benefits. This is a great alternative to the standard route of regional, national and major. But the other side of the coin is they require at least 2500 plus TT, some just ask for 1500 TT, also your customer support skills have to be top notch considering that your with the clients almost 24/7. The profile I read on EJA indicated that, the pilots are required to do thier sim checkrides at least twice a year, and physicals as well. They have to be available to go on short notice, basicaly to the needs of the customer, I would love to work for Warren Buffet,
and look at the hardware that you get to play with
Citation X's, Encore's, Challenger's, Gulfstream VI's, ect well enough of my day dreaming, my day will come.

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No VI, but there is a V-SP...

Gemini flights are very common...just ask the guy paying the bill! He's the deciding factor. It is customary to do the w/b and performance as a thank you....

Yeah, I guess it's 'Gemini" training. In the FSI catalog I have it is referred to simply as 'Observation Training,' but I guess that just goes to show you can't really learn anything until you get down there and put the catalog away.
As for corporate flight, I wouldn't mind it at all, especially if it would afford more job security. But these jobs are still scarcer, I guess one really has to know the right people and be prepared to carry a pager around.