NYC PEPC people... where are you staying & when?


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Hey all, I was hoping to run into a few people that are attending the PEPC, so I thought I'd toss this thread up. Where is everyone staying & when (no room numbers!)....

I'm at the Holiday Inn JFK and am here for tonight only as my interview is tomorrow!!! :nana2:


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Well I'm kind of in a good position and a bad one as well. The wifey works for Hilton so I got two free nights at the Hilton New York for my PEPC scheduled on the 10th at 9am. It's really not too close to the PEPC but I guess it is all worth it in the end if I can find me an easy train route.


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Staying in Washington Heights (north, way north Manhattan) with friends from Wed thru Sun... I'll be commuting to the PEPC by train & bus on Thursday so definetly happy for an 11 o' clock start time


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I'll be at the Howard Johnson JFK from tuesday night until friday morning. PEPC on wednesday at 11am.


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I'm at the holiday inn express bu JFK until tuesday when my flight leaves at like the wifi here sucks.

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the holiday inn jfk has the best bar out of that strip of hotels.. i used to work at the double tree over there..

Best of luck to everyone...

I know many of us who have been controllers a while may rant and rave a bit on this forum. While things are very screwed up in the FAA right now my advice to the new people is not to get too caught up in what is going on, stay focused. Stay off the subject of labor with anyone from management. Study in OKC, show up to your facility prepared, and when you sit down for OJT know your book work. First impressions are big in this job, you show up with the reputation of someone who is prepared and gives a damn you'll have an easier time. If you have questions or concerns at your new facility talk to your coworkers... we may be a bit grumpy at times but we aren't bad people, in this job you'll spend more nights, weekends, and holidays then you will with your family. We become a second family and we do look out for each other.

Keep us updated.