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New York Enroute Apt Monday
Name Matute, Ezzard
Email $!#$
Appointment: Monday, July 7th, 2008
Thank you for your response. We are confirming that you will be attending the ATCS PEPC at the FAA Eastern Regional Office at located at 159-30 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434 on Monday, July 7th, 2008. Please be prepared for an all day event.
All processes will be completed on your scheduled day; this will take most of the day. Please make any travel arrangements required to accommodate this schedule. Travel will be at your own expense.
Please bring a government-issued form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. This is required to allow you access to the facility and to the PEPC. Due to increased security levels in Federal buildings, you will be escorted around the building at all times. Your name will be left with security so they will be expecting you.
Forms Completion
We are providing you with two forms to complete and bring with you to your appointment. It is very important that you complete these forms ahead of time and that you bring these forms with your. The information requested involves research on your part and the time needed and the facilities required to do so on site are not available.
A successful interview is required to be selected for an ATCS position. Interviews are conducted at the PEPC by air traffic managers and are based on personal characteristics relating to the ATC occupation rather than your technical knowledge. Examples of these characteristics are dependability, working as a team member, and handling stress and rotating shifts. Any previous ATC experience you have will also be discussed. Your interview must result in a favorable recommendation from a management official before further processing takes place.
Security Clearance
Part of your process will include a security screening. While at the PEPC you will be asked to complete an electronic Standard Form 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions, via an Office of Personnel Management {OPM} website. To save time and ensure that you have all of the required information, you must complete the SF-86 which is attached and bring it with you. In the event that you reveal an issue that warrants further attention, such as financial debts, criminal conduct, etc., please ensure that you bring with you any documentation you have concerning the issue. Failure to have all of the required information on hand could cause a delay in your processing. Also, if you have been any alcohol or drug related arrests, please bring a copy of the arrest record and/or court records.

Medical Evaluation
Do not wear lotions or perfumes as they can interfere with the medical tests. If you normally wear contact lenses, either wear glasses or be sure to bring your contact solution and case with your as you will need to remove them for your eye examination. If you are presently under medical care or take medications on a regular basis, please bring copies of your medical records from your treating physician and a list of medications. Based on this information and the results of your medical evaluation, you may be required to provide additional information.
If you have a problem making your appointment as scheduled, please call Terri Owens at 405 798-2026 as soon as possible. She is coordinating the schedule for this PEPC and is your point of contact.
Please note this will be a very full day and breaks and/or lunch in not scheduled into your day. Please bring a lunch and/or snacks because we will not stop.
Final Reminders
· Watch for follow-up email with your start time by Thursday, July 3rd
· Bring your identification
· Bring your completed SF-86 AND FAA Form 8500-8
· Bring any additional information required for your medical and security clearances (arrest record and/or court records for alcohol and/or drug arrest)
· Terri Owens is your Point of Contact
· Bring snacks and/or lunch if needed
· Form 8500-8 says “SAMPLE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR OFFICIAL USE”. Please fill it out anyways and bring it with you. You will be inputting that information into the computer at the PEPC

SR-86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions
FAA Form 8500-8, Application for Airman Medical Certificate
Terri Owens
ATO NAS Workforce Management
AJA 550, OKC


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i'm still waiting... but I requested the 9th for terminal, so maybe another day or two

man, isn't this exciting!!!! :panic:
i'm still waiting... but I requested the 9th for terminal, so maybe another day or two

man, isn't this exciting!!!! :panic:
I'm guessing that Terminal people will get their letters Monday at the earliest (considering the OKC office people don't work the weekend), since the Enroute crowd seems to be getting everything a day ahead of Terminal....Again this is just speculative thinking.


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Just got my confirmation for Tuesday.

Damn flight went up another $30 since this morning though and car rentals aren't cheap either :banghead:


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I just got my confirmation for NYC PEPC for terminal option, July 9th!! See you guys there :panic:


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:yeahthat: but I'll be there on the 10th and hopefully celebrating well into the weekend afterwards


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lol still waiting on a confirmation for the 7th. (a week from today)
talked to Terri about 4 hours ago. She said I was confirmed on the 7th and she would resend the email to me. Reconfirmed my email address at that point and still no e-mail. (no its not in my spam folder either.) :whatever: