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Im flying to NYC and landing at Teterboro [LGA/JFK $100 land/fees
] the cab ride to Manhattan is over $ 50[x2] im just going for the day and the FBO offered a car for $25 ,does any of you guys know a place WHERE to park //////// that wouldnot empty my shallow pokets? or should i call George Costanza?

Thanks a lot regards jetman
I would advise flying into HPN (White Plains) instead, and taking the subway to the city (there is a station nearby). Having done both ways, I prefer that- its much cheaper than numerous cab rides at the end of the day.
Thanks for sugestion but i have two passangers that want to do the Hudson sightseeing and Tet. is that much closer, by the way how long is the sub ride from WP and how $? thanks again
If you wanted, any of the FBO's will drop you to the bus stop nearby and you can catch a bus (runs every 25 minutes) downtown It's less than $3.00 a head. Drops you at the central terminal in Manhattan (Times Sq.) I use Millionair and they always take me to the bus...and pick you up from the stop if you call them ahead of time

It's much cheaper than a cab or parking.
There is no subway from White Plains, if anything you'd have to catch a Metro-North train from there. That would get you into Grand Central Station in midtown. That would be about a 30 minute train ride and cost $10-20 round trip (varies if it's a peak/off peak ticket).

Here's a link to the train....
Metropolitan Trans. Authority
I flew into Teterboro about a month ago. Parked at Millionaire, they gave me a ride to the closest bus stop, and caught a bus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal by Times Square for $3.00. It was very easy to get to the city from there.
Thank you all for great info,do you know how late on weekends can i catch the bus back to TEB?
regards jetman
Not really sure how late. I got the bus schedule when I went by looking on the NJ Transit website. I know there is a link from the information on TEB on