Mike Wise

Not sure how long this has been up but I just discovered it. Pretty neat weather tool. http://preview.weather.gov/edd/

Here's a write up : http://www.wearecentralpa.com/story...w-display-system/89620/WEeyHtlTkkesNXhuHMwYyw

The National Weather Service has recently launched its new weather information display called the EDD, or Enhanced Data Display.

The EDD is a product courtesy of the Charleston, West Virginia Weather Ready Nation Pilot Project. It was created so it could be used by any audience, including emergency and safety officials and the general public.

According to the NWS, its intended use is “a one stop shop for all things weather in a GIS-like [Geographical Information System] display.” Rather than navigating to several web pages for various types of weather data, the EDD product provides all of that information.

When initially opened, the display shows a blank national map that can be zoomed in and out by a simple scroll of the mouse or by the click bar in the upper left hand corner of the map viewing window. To the left is a sidebar that allows you to add various “layers” of data such as radar, visible satellite imagery and severe weather outlooks.

As you slide your mouse across the map, a blue box with the exact latitude and longitude coordinates, as well as elevation, appears in the bottom right corner.

Of its many features, one of the more useful is the ability to click on any spot on the map and receive a point forecast for that particular location in a pop-up window. The forecast consists of weather information from the point’s local National Weather Service office.

The product is by no means perfect; it has its glitches. To name a few, all features of the point forecasts are not yet available, and ocean depths register incorrectly. But as noted in red capital letters in the top left corner of the program window, it is still experimental.

Head over to the website at the link above and give the site a try. A web survey has been created so users can give feedback on their experiences with the product. The survey is available at:www.nws.noaa.gov/survey/websurvey.php?code=EDD.