Numbers for July 2003


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Ok, on the Pan Am website they are claiming that "Pan Am sends 20 graduates to regional airlines in July 2003!'. However, in July exactly one instructor left DVT for another job, and that guy wasn't even an ACE grad. So did the other 19 come from FPR? What airlines?
Looks like it was a misunderstanding by whoever does the website thinking the 20 resumes Mesaba requested meant they were hired. The website also lists Mesaba as hiring Pan Am grads. I'm not sure the status on that one, have they interviewed already?
What a load of BS!!

Just like the so called "bashers" have been saying all along..don't trust Pan Am they will lie to get your money.

How about a retraction and an apology on the website?

It stinks...
Yeah, I just checked the website and that piece of information was taken down. Who knows the actual numbers from FPR and Bever Creek? I am counting one from DVT, two from FPR, and maybe one from Bever, making it only four hired in July 2003.
Yeah, one more thing. On the screens at DVT they still have the names of people hired last December on the "Recent Placements" page. Let's not mislead people, things have been slow and that's to be expected.