number of hours to get hired


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Does anyone know how many hours students have when they get hired by the "regional Airline Placement Partners"

What I'm trying to get at is whether its students with basiclly zero time going throught the program and getting hired, and if so how many hours that have at that time, or is it prior military / roterheads with tons of hours that are actually getting the jobs
Regional Airline Partners? I think you're thinking of a different school...sounds like Pano Amo marketing crap to me.
Chunk I did originally post the same question on Pam Am, but I decieded to post it on all the schools I'm looking at. Pan Am, ATA, Flight Safety and Comair. I know they all have their own way of saying who they supposidly can get you a job with. Regional Partner, Guaranteed interview, Whatever. It's all smoke and mirrors. I'm just trying to see if the beginning students are truely able to get a job at the end or if its the Military folks getting the jobs. A rumor I had heard said that was what was going on at Pan Am.
No one is getting hired right now. It doesn't matter whether you are military or not. The people that get hired into the regionals are the ones who have flight experience, a desire to work for the company, and a personality that the airlines feel will be compatible with the captains with whom the new hire with be flying.